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March 19, 2012

Saving the galaxy is fun!

Chris:  Having fun is what Mass Effect is all about.   This picture says it all.

This was a coolly cryptic message on the dialogue tree.    “I’m still in charge.”  The scene  takes place before the Normandy has departed from Noveria.     Commander Shepard and I are cold.   At this point, I’ve broken trust and earned her resentment.   This is not the operating relationship I had hoped for.   I blame myself for this rift but I don’t see what words can do at this point.

So we carry on.

Shepard and I had both considered that we might have to lie to the council about the Rachni.     To our mutual surprise, we could refuse an audience with them altogether.   I think we were both relieved.

Next, a curious vector took Shepard directly to Ashley Williams down to the garage of the Normandy.  I know exactly why Commander Shepard went to see her.   It’s what Ashley said on Noveria regarding the Rachni. ~ “I don’t trust it with my little sister.”

That’s really the gist of it.   Trust.   Williams trusted Shepard to do the right thing and the Commander failed her.    However, the rigid dialogue tree that presents itself in the garage, in no way affords Amanda any kind of explanation that would advocate in her defense.     She tried to do the right thing and I screwed it up.

Captain, wouldn't it be better if everyone on board was white? Eeeek!

I am actually a little worried that we released the middle parts of Starship Troopers unto the galaxy.    Sigh.  Problem for another day.

In the garage, as I watched the conversation between the two of them unfold, the options kept pushing Amanda into less and less defensible positions.

Suddenly, good ole’ Ashley Williams is sounding like a huge species-ist.    “Xenophobe!”  all the college kids declare in one loud voice.


Amanda is looking over Ashley’s shoulder, watching me watching her.     Suddenly, Commander Shepard doesn’t feel the same camaraderie she once enjoyed with Williams.    They are both incredibly strong women.  Both of them survivors.

Ashley blames THE aliens, but Amanda knows better.    She grew up on Earth.   Shepard knows that monsters are human too, in fact most monsters.    But Shepard sees Garus, Tali, Wrex as people…   Actually, Shepard doesn’t really think of  Wrex as people.  I don’t either but he is so cute.  Like an anthropomorphic plush war turtle.  So Wrex falls under cute monster!

Whoa, whoa, whoa...

“Mommy, I want a Wrex to eat my friends.”

Back to Ashley.

I’ve been in this situation.    When I lived in Portland Oregon I wasn’t politically correct enough.  When I moved to Kansas City I wasn’t redneck enough.     Shepard considered my galactic argument about evolution and love and sentience beyond the vale of her particular human responsibility.  Shepard doesn’t want to, but she  is looking pretty crossways at Williams.     To her surprise, Amanda found herself defending her actions and telling Ashley to cut her racist bull.

I know Amanda went down to try to apologize to Ashley for what happened with the Rachni.  I’m certain  it was the Commander’s goal to reassure her officer.   Instead, Shepard ends up telling Williams to stop dressing up in sheets.

Isn't there a journal entry for...ah!

Honestly, I think I lost more respect for Ashley Williams than Shepard did.    For Shepard, the policy is simple: does the object or lifeform have a red triangle on the radar.  Yes?   Ah, then we kill you.   Nothing racist about that….it’s just geometry.    Shepard is pretty sure Williams can shoot red triangles.   So the criteria of evaluation is different.   I can’t say Ashley escaped unscathed in Amanda’s opinion, but  Shepard knows a good soldier will always have her use.

And so we carry on.

Mission..something something.

Shepard standing over the giant galaxy swirly map in navigation.  Artemis Tau.   Pretty sure we have a mission there.  Eeeny, meeny, miny, go!

Sharjila was a nice vacation.   Like when you get to go to Mexico over the weekend and rent a tank.  Weeee…a vacation inside the Mako.   Actually, the mako was fine, maybe better than fine.     We drove around.   Bad guys would pop up and we would shoot them.

We could tell they were all bad guys by the red triangles on the map, but later we found out they were also slavers.   Asari slavers.    That’s strike two.   Aha, just kidding, I’m not keeping score against a whole race.   That would make me a hypocrite. (but  just so you know…strike two!)

Have you ever noticed how the Asari are starting to piss me off?

When we finally caught up with the slaver’s sister, Shepard wasn’t too impressed.   She was looking for that option.   “And kill her bitch sister too!”  So was I.

Instead, Amanda charmed her way into getting better guns.

Lastly, I’d like to talk a little about my away team.     On this last run, I brought Tali and Wrex.   Of the two, I thought Tali performed the best.   Some of her tech effects are so detrimental to geth and other drones  that even while we were getting overrun, we were relatively safe.   The air continuously popped and cracked and sizzled with electricity.

This is the first time I've gotten any of them to do this for me. Go team!

Of all the crew members I’ve picked up so far, I like the Tali the best.   Amanda didn’t think much of her at first, but the sizzle of bad guys is something that changes your mind.    Check out door pose.


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