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How much does Akuze weigh?

March 20, 2012

If you can read my morality, you are too close.

“Do you believe thoughts have mass?”

Yes.  I answered.  Of course I believe thoughts have mass.   I’ve seen the shinto monks that pray over water as it turns to patterned ice.   I meditate and do yoga.   I stay up on physics and biology.  I believe in magic and God.    I took karate in high school.

I’m becoming more open minded as I get older, more flexible in my thinking in some ways, just dumber in others.

Matt asked me in the concert of context that surrounds the Mass Effect game.   “Do you believe thoughts have mass?”  I said yes, but I wasn’t talking about the game at all.

Now I’m asking you the same.   Commander, do you believe thoughts have mass?

Commander Amanda Shepard:  You’re talking about Biotics.

Chris: (nods/shakes head)  Yes, Biotics are the ground level example.    I’m talking something bigger.

CAS:   A weapon.

Chris:   Bigger than a weapon.   A plot device.

CAS:  (sighs)

Chris:  Try to see this from my point of view.   Ive done my best to avoid spoilers this whole time, but one thing I’ve noticed is how the whole internet is freaked out about how Mass Effect 3 ends.  Sorry, spoiler alert, this all gets way, way…way, way worse.   Or so the headlines seem to declare.

Personal moral objections aside.   I’m afraid our actions without exacting intentions will lead to unintended consequences.    Consequences that I dread will herald the death of the universe….or maybe something worse.

CAS: (skeptical) Worse than the death of the universe?

Bureaurcrats suck. It's your fault! All of it.

Chris:  The idea that we could have…maybe prevented it.    Just think about it for a second.   Why is Saren in league with the geth?   For money, power, because he is a psychopath bent on galactic annihilation?   Has anyone even asked themselves what he might have to gain?

Saren hasn’t even declared his intentions.

CAS: Eden Prime spoke loud enough.

Chris:  Yes, loud but not clear.  All of this, the geth and the protheans,  is he interested only because he is a villain?   Is this simply the goading of an unquenchable ego or does he know something else?   Something important, something so dire that no one could possibly believe it until it’s too late.

CAS:  Are you seriously suggesting that Saren is working in secret to protect the galaxy?

Chris: No, I’m suggesting my ignorance of things to come is both illuminated and obscured by the words of someone who has seen this all before.   Someone who has seen it pass through unto the end.

“Do you believe thoughts have mass?”

CAS:  Why are you asking me this now?

Chris:  Who could imagine we’d be having…this kind of relationship?  I hadn’t thought it necessary from the start.

CAS:  Did you tell the other Shepard?  Did you warn him?

Chris:  (Shakes head)  There was no other Shepard, not really.  He was me and I didn’t know.   You hold different court, Commander.

CAS:  (Shepard crosses her arms) So, fall in line or the universe will die?

Chris:  I don’t know.   It could all be vanity and illusion.  Death is inevitable, it is only a question of frequency and amplitude.

CAS:  (Stares grimly) I know death.

Chris:  All I’m asking you to do is to make the best call you can inside a given perspective.

CAS:  That’s what I’ve been doing the whole time.

Chris:  (continues) Consider the darkness and light, in each choice.

CAS:  So, I’m back in charge.  For how long?

Chris:   Do your work and I won’t stop you.

CAS:  What happens when it gets ugly and people start dying?

Chris:  (sighs)   Consider the darkness and the light in each choice, as best you can.   I will council you, stall you, but in the end the choice is yours.

CAS:   (Narrowly glares at Chris) I don’t trust you.

Chris:  In this instance, that makes two of us, but it doesn’t matter.  I’ve made my choice, Commander.  It’s time for you to make yours.   Don’t screw up.

I just want to tell you both good luck, we're all counting on you.


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