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Down and out on Therum.

March 24, 2012

Right, this was the reason we went to Artemis Tau. Tali said so.


Chris:  Commander, take us in.

Oh no, we hit their dog.

Commander Amanda Shepard:   Sharjila was just a milk run.    Therum is  an objective.    I’m bringing Ashley Williams and Tali- to the party.    There could be bad guys and geth.   I want an agressive soldier and a tech.

Chris:  Tali is great for opening treasure chests too.  More treasure chests equal more weapons.

CAS:  Agreed.  I hate passing up on free arms because I don’t have a skilled engineer to crack the safe.

Chris:   The first half of the mission was mostly by Whale, which is to say reasonably fun.   Like if you mount 50 caliber machine guns off the sides of your hot tub.    Weeeee.

Vactation's over. Time to go to work.

CAS:  Once we got on foot things got a little trickier.

Chris:  The colossus battle in a tank made me feel bad.

CAS:  The colossus battle on foot made me feel worse.

Chris:  That was a bit harder.    You know Ashely actually kept pushing and taking the hits, doing her job.

CAS:  Tight clean fights.

Chris:  I noticed how much more relaxed I felt this whole mission.   All I’m saying is I’m glad we have a working arrangement.

CAS:  (nervous stare)  Why?   What are you trying to change again?

Down we go.

Chris:  Nothing.   I just noticed this mission I started taking pictures of buildings, tunnels, etc.   I’m back in tourist mode.

CAS:  (smirks) Once we descended into the mining facility, it wasn’t hard to find the Asari scientist we were looking for.

Chris:  Asari scientist.   That’s pretty generic, how about the daughter of the Asari Matriarch we killed?

CAS:  Same person.    However, getting the Asari free damaged the stability of the mine and we had to get out of there fast.

"Help. I'm stuck in a balloon."

Chris:  I actually liked the tension generated by the cinematic of running out the mine.    Obviously you were influenced by it as well.

CAS:  You’re talking about my dialogue choices when we ran into the Krogan and the geth.

Chris:  There were other options, possibilities that we might have learned something about  Saren.

CAS:   The mine was caving in.   At the same time an armed Krogan and his geth squad intercepted us.   What kind of conversation would you like me to start?  “Hello, friendly Krogan and misunderstood geth.  May I assist you?”

"Ok, Commander I just need you to stay on that side for a second while I set up. Commander....wait...I didn't. (click)."

Chris:  (ha) Awesome.  I didn’t really have any problem with your choice.   I just wish you had waited just a minute more so I could have taken a better picture.

CAS:  Collapsing mine.   Enemies blocking the way.   And you wanted a better picture?

Chris: I liked the whole scene.   “Ahhhh run and look at hot girls butts.   Ahhhh.”

CAS:  I’m so happy that you’re amused.

Chris:  It’s a video game, Amanda.  Lighten up.  (HA).

All that time on the treadmill, paying off!




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