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A time for reflection and holding of breath

March 27, 2012

Chris:  Before we even leave damned Feros,  I’m helpless to stop the mandatory plot driven Asari mind rape.

Commander Amanda Shepard:  How do you think I feel?

Chris:  If the Asari are behind all of this, I am seriously going to enjoy the transition of ire into fire.  And what was the point of this scene anyway?   “Commander, it looks you are in some kind of  survival horror?”  Thanks Liara, very helpful.

CAS:  Not helpful.

"No means no!"

Chris:  Although, I’m a little worried about all this chatter that we’re nearing the end of our mission.

CAS:  Tali said the same thing to me in engineering.   Can we really be so close to the end?

Chris:  Either way, I need a break, we’re taking a break.  As I look on our map, Eltania is it.

CAS:   Finding Saren is our only priority.

The Mako actually shined on the rugged terrain. Although at one point, we hit a rock and spun off like a hockey puck at what had to be a 20 G spin. Bounce, roll, tumble. Everyone ok? Check.

Chris:  Do you really want me stressing it two missions in a row?  Besides, see how pretty it is?   And as a bonus, it looks like we won’t be filling its valleys with the blood of innocent.

CAS:  Enough.  We’ll take a peek.

Chris:  I remember at the time, genuinely thinking, please just let Eltania be cake.   Please just be cake.

CAS:  Eltania was cake.  The approach to the mine was direct, however, I allowed for an expeditionary discovery of an unknown artifact.

Chris:  Oh, right.  The sphere.   I loved the sphere of inward journeying.   I stared into its mirrored surface until I started to run out of breathable air, which on Eltania is thirty seconds.  I stood under it and touched it and basically made like ten little trips back and forth making sure…you know, making sure we touched it enough.

CAS:   The tenth time, Tali wanted to make sure my lifesupport systems hadn’t been damaged.  

CAS:  There were several transformed geth-human automatons in the mines below the planet’s surface.    A reminder of what the geth will do if we don’t stop them.

Chris:  Oh and space monkeys.

CAS:  Harmless, primitive xenoforms.

Chris:  Show the picture where you fed the Space Monkey.

We had to set up over and over to get his attention. It took about thirty mins of waiting, but once that little guy started eating out of your hand. Worth it!

CAS:  I….

Chris: Alright, lets keep going.

We named him Flower

CAS:   From Eltania we follow the mission to Virmire.   We know Saren is here.   Now we just have to figure out how to get there.

Chris:  Once again, we’re humping it, this time Beach Mako.

Beautiful Beaches

CAS:  We had to drop in with the Mako as the landing zone was no longer available due to active  anti-aircraft facilities.

Chris:  Virmire is interesting.   You got beach and water and sun.   You got Geth.    It’s a pretty place to kill Geth.  Everytime we’d jump jeep and go into those little villas, I felt like I was on vacation.

This was the view off the back of our deck. Pristine beach, I'm telling you.

CAS:  The forces we encountered on the way in were light and manageable from inside the Mako.   The few excursions we had to make were tight and without surprise.

Chris:  Eltania was our initiative, but it’s like the game knew we pooched it and wanted to give us some ocean air to clear our heads.   It was a fun and easy run.   That mood changed completely once we got to the camp.

CAS:  The Salarians know what’s at stake.

He knows what's coming...

Chris:  I don’t know what it is, but I have to say, once we made it to the Landing zone, I had this weird creepy feeling.

CAS:  Everyone is gearing up for the countdown.

Chris:  To the last fight?   Really?

CAS:  If we stop Saren here, we stop the Reapers.

Chris: (Frowns with doubt and disappointment)    On the otherhand, the throw-down with Wrex was a nice tension breaker.

I will blow you away!

CAS:  “Hey, Wrex, the answer is No!”

Chris: I’m just glad we had the dialogue options because I knew where this was going if he didn’t bow.

"Don't make me put you down, pretty turtle."


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  1. oh good ….. oh God….. i so glad. Yay Wrex and everthing is good! i should clarify i have not yet been brave enough to play this game – and also want to say Well Done!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey pretty turtle …… you so pretty.

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