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Omaha Beach

April 7, 2012

Chris:  I”m watching you stand in ankle deep along the beach.   Your eyes stare to the horizon, to the storm clouds not so distant.   And you wonder, are we all saying our last goodbyes?   Quietly, you double around to Tali.   Just to make sure there is nothing left to be said.

Commander Amanda Shepard:    I can’t believe how when we were talking to the Salarian Captain, Kaidan pulled that.  “Oh no, it’s too hard.”

(man off camera) "SHUT UP, Kaiden!"

Chris:  I know.  What was that?  “Ahhh, turn away Commander.”    By default, we should do the exact opposite of what Kaidan suggested.

CAS:  Kaidan is so disappointing.

Chris:  Hey, did you hear that.   The Salarian wants one of our team members to go with his guys.

CAS:  (laughs then whistles)  Kaidan, you’re on deck.

" do I say this? You kinda suck."

Chris:  Ooooh, wait.   Wait, we can volunteer Ashley too.

CAS: I like Ashley.

Chris:  (scrunched brow)  Oh yeah, she’s great.

CAS:  Kaidan has strong barrier biotics and strong first aid.   That will make a difference for all of them.   Good luck, Kaidan. (looks over her shoulder)   I like this Captain Kirrahe.   He’s got nerve.

"They may take our lives but they'll never take our Freedom!" (Bagpipe solo!)

Chris:  Wow.  It’s his Braveheart speech and considering just how skinny he is.  It’s amazing.

CAS:  As soon as the mission starts, I can feel that tingle of adrenaline.     This time, no mistakes.  We go in with a clear head and steady hand.    We’re going to use tactics, we’re going to play smart and we aren’t going to take risks until we absolutely have to.

Chris:  And a little Braveheart to you.

So proud of the squad advancement. Really seeing the practice of the gameplay unit in motion.

CAS:  So far, so good.   We managed to take out a geth communications node early in our attack.

Chris:  Captain Kirrahe’s radio chatter makes me want to run us a little faster.

CAS:  This is the pace.   Tight and clean.

Asari need really long lives because they slow to learn.

Chris:  Here’s an Asari we didn’t have to shoot, but pretty  much everyone else got the business end.

CAS:  Until we find this.

Click here for seizure!

Chris:   Secret Prothean thingy.   I actually caught some cool action poses as you induced revelation.

Mental Butterfly

Can I see though your eyes?



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