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Stealing the Enterprise

April 17, 2012

Chris:   At the conclusion of the Reaper incident it seemed prudent to race back to the Citadel.

CAS:  For all the good it did us.

Now we've got them on the run....oh nevermind.

Chris:  I actually felt a little dumb getting caught in this noose.    The council is such a cliche’ archetype that it’s easy to start groaning, but as soon as I realized we were grounded I began to hear the charming whimsy of Stealing the Enterprise.     One of Mass Effect’s many highlights include an excellent quality soundtrack.   However, clearly this whole scenario is lifted and the music belongs to another.

CAS:  The Ambassador betrayed us.

I will break you.

Chris:  No shit he betrayed us.   It makes me want to help you lift your gun arm a little.   In truth this actually worked pretty well to heighten my anxiety, I raced through the station with a sense of pressured desperation, screaming the whole time.  “Reapers are coming to kill us all.”

CAS:  I was more subtle than that.

Chris:  Yes, but we still didn’t finish up a few of the pending missions.   It’s hard to check off quest boxes if you’re into the drama and clearly I’m caught up.  Somehow, I’m sure we’ll both come to regret it.   In hindsight, we should have just gone to Youtube and typed in “shitty ending of Mass Effect”  and fast forward to the conclusion that we’re going to draw anyway.

CAS:  You’re not giving up.

"I'm not drunk, I'm a Captain!"

Chris:  And neither are you.  So  let’s break things and people until the machine stops letting us.

Chris:  Everything here is homage.   The bar conversation with Anderson was fun.   I keep looking around to see if I could find that arcade game with the holographic world war I prop fighters.

CAS:  I brought Wrex and Garus along as heavies.

Chris:  It’s funny, as much as I bought into this whole situation we only had about eight and a half minutes to finish it.

CAS:  Eight minutes, I never caught that?

Chris:  That’s how long the song is.    So by the time you start building into those long horns that signal the appearance of the Enterprise, we already have to be running.

CAS:  That’s why we didn’t finish up any of our quests.

Chris:  Well that and it hardly seems relevant for us to be chasing down the guy who stole someone’s lunch money when the whole universe is on the edge of utter annihilation.

CAS:   Agreed.

Chris:  So if I didn’t milk a goat or pay back the dowry of some homeless maid and it causes the game to go to hell… well I’m sorry.

CAS:  We literally had nothing to do that was anything even remotely close to what you are describing.

Chris: The Captain punching out the Ambassador was nice.   I was ready to shoot my way out.

My only regret, I wish I had taken a better picture.

CAS:  Shoot your way out?

Chris:  It occurs to me that if I think in Saren numbers, I could literally kill millions….maybe billions and according to Saren. I might be justified.

CAS:  That’s bad math.

Chris:   Well the irony is, we’ve killed so many people already and with little oversight from anyone in game.    No cameras, no oversight for the Spectres, no rules….we’re basically vigilantes.    You could do alot of evil.

CAS:  We could save the galaxy.

Chris:  All we can do is try.

Kiss my ass, I'm off to save the galaxy!


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