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Deathstar Run

April 23, 2012

Chris:  In the last month, I’ve told two different teenagers that I’m about to start my Deathstar run.    Mind you, the confusion here isn’t about the context.   The confusion is over my metaphor.   “What’s a death-star?”   The new humans ask.  But that’s what’s about to go down, people.

"Yeeeeh Hawwww"

CAS:   The Mako carried us safely through the relay but was rendered inoperable in the crash.

The debate is still open.

Chris:  I keep flip-flopping on the Mako’s crash landing.  On one hand, we did travel faster than light through time and space on a vehicle that is primarily tire driven.   Considering that, not too shabby little Mako.   On the other hand, on Eltania, I remember somehow ricocheting off the side of a mountain in this impossible physics defying, 20 g lateral spin at 200kph.   After that, I’m of the opinion that you can take the Mako through a Mass Relay, you can take it through mud, and dirt, and over mountains, and in tunnels…..why wouldn’t you drive it through a Mass Relay?  I’m just surprised it broke.

CAS:   The Reaper invasion has already begun.    The fleet has engaged but we’re already behind.    The elevator failure required us to go outside, EVA style.

My son, sitting beside me, utters, "Whoa...that's high, Daddy."

Chris: Ok, this was cool.   Elevator broke?  No problem, we’ll just crawl along the skin.   IN SPACE!

This was the best death yet from cryo rounds. He froze and then just drifted into the air, as cold and dead as space. It was awesome.

Chris:  I really enjoyed the whole roof top of the world walk.    I liked the Turret Defense puzzle, although my first instinct was to directly charge the dropship, killing it by pistol.

Fear my awesome pistol of doom! Oh, use the turret gun....alright.

CAS:  That was really dumb.

Chris:   Mako though a Mass Relay, Pistol for Sovereign.   It’s adds up.  When we finally reached the Council’s Gardens I had this feeling as if I should be sad to see it on fire and in tatters.   I wasn’t sad.

CAS:  The Council brought this on themselves.    We were literally minutes behind Saren and Sovereign.  If they hadn’t grounded the Normandy we might have stopped Saren on Ilos.

Pretty even on fire.

Chris: Now we just try to keep the SS from destroying it all.

Chris:  I did not mourn the damage done to this highly ceremonial chamber, but as soon as Saren started talking.  I realized I was going to miss him.   Saren has a nice habit of monolouging.   It’s a highly desirable trait in a villain.   I think Saren made the wrong choice  early, perhaps crippling him as an all time awesome villain or are we really saying, it takes a human to get shit done?

CAS:    You don’t make deals with the Devil.  Saren chose wrong.   I was more than ready to put him down.

Chris:  And that’s when this happened.


"Hey, Saren. Your plan sucks. Why don't you just kill yourself already?"




Chris and CAS:  (jaws dropped)

No way!

Chris:   ….

CAS: I didn’t think he would actually….

Chris:   Did you see that????

CAS: (shrugs shoulders)

Chris:  No way!

No way!

Chris:  No freaking way!

CAS:  Our problems aren’t over yet.

Chris:  Amanda, did you see that?  You just talked the main bad guy in the story into killing himself.    We didn’t even have to fight him.

CAS:   Just to make sure, I sent Wrex and Tali down.   Saren was bragging about upgrades.  I don’t want to make any assumptions.

"Saren, open your eyes. I have a surprise for you."

Chris:  Ok, just to be clear.   That is the first time, I have ever used in game dialogue options to tell anyone, let alone the main antagonist of the story, to go kill themselves.

CAS:  I told him what he needed to hear.   He already knew that indoctrination was too deep.  It was that or serve the Reapers.

Chris:   I was determined that we were going to push renegade options for as long as the dialogue tree would let us.  The paragon path we tried back on Virmire didn’t seem to make a dent in his armor.    “Come on, Saren.    We can work it out together.”   Didn’t work at all.   So now I was hoping that the opposite might work.

CAS:  In spades.    Joker reports in that the Council is in danger.   It looks like we get to choose whether to help them or not.

Save the Council, ya right....oh really? Save the Council for reals?

Chris:   I’m still reeling from Saren’s noble suicide, but when the call came in about the council it was a strange moment.

CAS:  I didn’t think it would go this way.

Chris:  But simultaneously, we both basically agreed.   We had to save the council.

CAS:   I can’t believe it either but that’s the call.

Save the Council and their really easy to hit ship.

Chris:  Unfortunately, Sovereign catches on pretty quick and begins to animate the Saren’s body to finish the work.

CAS:  So much for beating Saren the easy way.

I have the power!

Chris:  I don’t hold this against the game.    Saren the Spectre killed himself for the good of life itself.    It was awesome.   The idea that a Reaper would puppet his body afterwards only seems logical.

CAS:  Sovereign’s puppet moved quickly but his tactics became predictable.  It didn’t take long for us to bring him down.

Boss Battle

Chris:   The back and forth between indoor and outdoor conflicts reminded me of Jedi.    I know I keep comparing certain Mass Effect to my  childhood scifi cinema, but it’s a good comparison and well executed.     The tension of the script, the story, and the characters all resonated through this crescendo finale.

CAS:  Oh and you were right.

Chris:   About what?

CAS:   Look at the picture.   What am I pointing at Saren/Sovereign?

Chris:  You killed the Reaper with a pistol.

And the with the help of friends....Antigods can and will die.

The music and the glorious explosions cue elation!

She's right there, just open your eyes.

I'm not dead yet.

Chris:  I never doubted it for a moment (big eyes and look away).


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