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The Burning Bush

April 23, 2012

Chris:   I could not remember where we were headed next.   I got so caught up with my Star Trek metaphors I actually forgot what we were running from or to….Spock!

Chris:  Oh right.  Mass Effect and the whole everything.  Saren, Sovereign, and off to Ilos.

"But it might be hard and scary!!"

Commander Amanda Shepard:   Ashley pissed me off.

Chris:  (ha) Right, that lame moment of courage.   “You can’t land there, that’s not safe.”

"Kaidan says what?"

CAS:  This is why she didn’t make the team.    Tali came because she’s good.   I brought Wrex because we’ve already had the hard conversations.

Chris:  There is a strange civility between you and Wrex ever since you had your ocean-side pistoleers debate.

CAS:   I can trust that Wrex will keep his head level till the end.   I though that was true of Ashely too.   I’m just disappointed.

Sure it didn't handle worth the helium in it's tires, but I ran over so many bad guys. Here we accidentally got high ended and happened to fall on this guy. Horay!

Chris:  When we first landed, for a second, I thought we might just get to drive right in.  But no!   They closed the door.    The delay allowed for a sight seeing tour up and down around the metropolis of the damned.     The Valley of the Kings.

Chris:  It’s funny.   I can tell that after I haven’t played for a while my tactics turn to crap.

"Ok....on three. Ahhhhhh.....Charge!"

CAS:  You’re talking about the charge until pistol whip maneuver.

Chris:    I get so caught up in the details of the drama that as soon as I see red triangles I just freak out and start shooting without plan or mission.

CAS:   You’re just lucky I’m such a good shot.

Chris:  Ha, seriously, it’s true.   I think there was a moment when we had the “super shooty” biotic running and some single geth trooper popped up around some crates.     We were about 100 yards away and pow he just died.  I started laughing  because I knew at this point we could single-handedly kill Sovereign with our pistol.  We just needed to get us the the length of a football field.

Beautiful and so Ugly

CAS: Ha.

Chris:  I basically hate it here.   The music sounds so sad and lonely.   I hate all the aborted face fetus statues in outward expulsion.   It’s melancholy and gross.    Every time we see geth I’m greatly relieved for something besides miring in the overgrowth of the dead.

We don't like it here.

CAS:   Tali said we shouldn’t be there, but the Conduit is here.   Saren is here.

Chris:  The pacing of this level was really right for me.   So much open space at the start.   The first Prothean signal was useless, teaching us nothing.   But little by little the path narrows and the exposition widens.

CAS:   The resistance we met was minimal overall.   Although, I don’t know what the consequences of leaving those slumbering Colossi deactivated and unhacked would have been.

Hacked guard dog. Sit, Stay, Glow. Good boy.

Chris:  That was kinda cool.   The sleeping dogs rise.   That would have been a suck fight.

Dead Ovals.

Chris:   The grim travel down the ever narrowing tomb sustained the tenor of anxiety throughout our journey.   Wrex’s cold comments cementing the ghosts into the walls.   Ilos is sad and haunted.    When we finally reached the working VI of Prothean past, the exposition was like water and food to my worries and woe.

CAS:   We weren’t getting second hand information anymore.   The Reaper’s plan was simple and effective.      The Reapers weren’t gods at all, they were just monsters preying on easy game.    That’s about to change.

Finally answers

Chris:   We could actually stop them.  The Bush’s explanation made it seem like the failure of the Protheans to defend their worlds as organizational, not technological.   Sovereign’s posturing  was frightening enough for me.   To hear means to alternative ending lightens my spirits.

CAS:  By the time we finished our debrief with the VI, we were already running out of time.

This is a Mass Relay.

Chris:  The irony, of course, is that when we rounded that hill.   I was just gawking and admiring the view.  “Wow, that’s cool.   A mass relay.   Oh….and we have 35 seconds!!!”

"Punch it, Chewie!"


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