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Enter Mass Effect 2

May 21, 2012


Chris:   I sit down for Mass Effect 2, for the first time, again.   One of the earliest things I learn as I’m sitting before the “Press Any Key” screen is that if you just leave that screen up for a while.   There is a cinematic trailer that makes Mass Effect 2 look pretty sweet, except I take no pleasure from it because I have no idea who this impostor is and frankly I don’t care.


Is 39 good? I don’t care.

This is my character transfer screen lobby.   I never saw this when I played before, as I believe many things will unfold differently because of what we’ve done.  Its times like this when you go, ah right, if I had only finished x, y, z missions now I could have more.   Is level 39 important??  I’m not going to go find out because that’s the deathblow to many ambitious endeavors.   But that’s not at all how we’ve been playing this.   Right, Commanda?

Commander Amanda Shepard:   I’m not going to complain, but I’ll take every advantage we can get.  

So we’re Renegades….how did that ever happen?

Wrex is a pivotal character? Oooooooh!

Well, duh.



Chris:  Right away the Renegade title threw me .  What?   I saved the dolphins!   How can we  be the Renegade?

CAS:  Maybe when I talked him into killing himself.  I bet that pushed us over.

Chris:   That was awesome.   So….worth it.   Fine, we’re Renegades.  I refuse to let artificial morass drag me down, at least not yet.   Commander, take us out.


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