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Epilogue: It’s not over yet.

May 21, 2012

You aren’t ready for what’s coming….

Chris:   After the defeat of Saren and Sovereign I’ve taken some time off from play.    This wasn’t my intention but there was to be a timing to this.  An easy to hear melody that was off to pasture.   I needed some distance to emotionally reflect on what I had experienced and learned.

I liked Mass Effect.   Alot.  I like cause and effect choices that ripple through the narrative.   I don’t like that the game’s morality system judges me constantly without any introspecting into the agony that I experience trying to path best.

I think that’s my only criticism of Mass Effect, that is I don’t really know what I’m being judged for?   Worse, maybe I do know and I find it lacking.    Good game.   Interesting enough story and universe.

Chris:   I have to say, I was surprised by the results of my  parallel expedition, namely Commander Amanda Shepard.    I’ve never had to make up and passionately write and emote into a protagonist just to finish a video game.    I didn’t actually think it was possible to get into that big of an argument over a choice in a game with a character of my own creation.     .

Traitor Smurf can suck it!


Chris:  By the end of this game I was exhausted, but I am past the milestone of rest and must rise again to finish this work.

Time to go back to work.

Chris:   What I like most about working with a protagonist like Commander Amanda Shepard is that, just like with Wrex, we’ve had our hard fights.    We’ve pulled our pistols and even shot each other, but now there is at least a relationship and some small measure of trust.   Hope?

Chris:  Commander, do you think you’re ready to give it ago-again?

CAS:   You point, I’ll shoot.

Chris:   And onward and upwards….


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