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The Resurrection Tutorial

May 21, 2012

Chris:   I remember the first time I saw this cinematic.   I remembered thinking, how pretty it was, yet still resonating from the surprise of the game’s beginning.   Now I’m just eager for you to get up off the table.   Chris: I’m with Miranda on this one.   Shepard, get up!

I am so hung over.

CAS:   Fine, I’m up.

Chris:  Welcome back to the land of the living.   You know, I don’t mind the Lazarus Pit….ummm…project as a plot device to change it up, but the whole….you wake up confused in a strange place is a video game/fps  narrative cliche’.   I’m just saying.

CAS:  I’ve woken up in strange places before, blacked out before, but this is another level.   However, one of the first things I’ve noticed is that I’m now able to take head shots with the pistol.  This is going to speed things up real quickly.

Boom, head-shot!

Chris:  Agreed, I already like they way this is configured better.    Even the angle over the shoulder seems improved.

Duck and Cover.

CAS:   I like the thermal clips too.    I’d rather burn my ammo when we need it than have the gun overheat when I need to keep shooting.  Apparently, two years of improvements in handguns is a big deal.  (and then in a slightly smaller voice)  now if they could only put a tiny camera on my gun…..

Chris:  HA!!  Agreed.   So far, I have to say the combat is better already.    Of course, we are just fighting the tutorial.    Still, headshots are nice.

Take it from a girl who likes to shoot people. Don’t pull that shit!

Chris:  That Miranda pisses me off.    The flight in the shuttle made me reminiscent of Mark Hamill’s shuttle scenes in Wing Commander III.     It’s a good comparison, except no one was trying bust his balls.

Are you trying to pull an Asari on me?

I want you to go down to that planet and fetch quest for me.

Chris:   The conversation with the Illusive Man for the first time had me feeling a little sequelitis.     The tension at the end of Mass Effect had been tops, even at the start of this game.  Now you’re a detective hunting for clues.

CAS:   It doesn’t matter.   There’s no point in sitting around and complaining.   The Reapers are still out there.

Chris:   The Reapers, right.   And this is why you’re here.

Do you think she’s pretty or just pretty bitchy?

Chris:  Lastly, I’ve noticed there are level up chapters in Mass Effect.   I don’t know how I feel about that.

Chapter Summary: I don’t know.


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