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May 22, 2012

Chris:   Alright, I’ll come right out with it.  I don’t like the Illusive Man telling us what to do.   It’s bad enough the game is constantly judging us for the dialogue tree options, which, thankfully seems a little more subtle this time.   Still, everytime we get Paragon points or Renegade points from a conversation, I think….really??   

CAS: Back to the mission.  I made it clear that I wanted to help any survivors.   I didn’t expect to see anything alive, let alone Quarians.

Horay, it’s Tali. And she is large and in charge, good on her.

Chris:  Horay, It’s Tali’ .   Pew-pew.   I think of all the people who could show up first, Tali.   Awesome.   I noticed immediately a change in your body language.

CAS:  You mean how I jumped up and down in my seat like a schoolgirl while making fake finger gun gestures into the air?  Oh no, that was you.

Chris:  So we’re both happy to see Tali, who is totally awesome.

CAS:   We took down the Geth and their advanced model without much concern.   Squad tactics remained tight and the fights went well.

Sumo Geth

We always knew Tali was going to make a natural leader. We’re proud of you, Lady.

Chris:   Tali showing up changes the entire mood of this mission.   Now, I’m just here to make sure we help her out.

CAS:  Right, Tali is one of the good guys even if we’re playing on the side of the Devil.

Chris:   Devil?   Do you really remember anything about Cerebrus from Mass Effect one?

CAS:(looks side to side and shrugs) I had to play along.

Chris:  So, right, I can’t figure out the big deal.   Which clearly means I wasn’t paying attention or maybe we just didn’t finish the mission or who knows.

CAS:  Clear enough.

Chris:  Ha!    Right, so where were we?

CAS:  It’s too bad we couldn’t get Tali aboard with us.    Someone we could actually trust.

Chris:  Patience.   We’ll jump through the hoops and then bam!

CAS:  (shakes head)   Bam!? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Ya, it’s Seth Green. Although considering how beat up Shepard was, you’d think they could have got him walking a little better?

Chris: (Clears throat)  The return of Joker is great.   And look he can walk….sorta.

Hanging out with good people.

CAS:   Tali, Joker, the Nomandy.   Things are already starting to look up.   


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