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Dance, Dance, Omega

June 4, 2012

Chris:  I like how this mission begins.   My only regret is that you didn’t give the whole.  “Hey!  I’m in charge so suck it.”   Instead of a PA talk, you said it with your walk.

A little saunter and dick swinging, Captain’s on deck.

CAS:   I don’t like this new Normandy, I don’t care how well it runs.   There is an A.I. on deck that I know is going to piss us off later.

It’s actually pretty nice inside.

Chris: Agreed.   Like in any movie ever….

I played this song on repeat for months.

CAS:  Omega reminded me of any other hell hole in space.  The poor and sick and powerless all trapped like rats.

Chris:  That’s a grim take on Omega.   I liked the music….hmmmm.   I think we both hated this.

Oh good, an Asari is running the show.

Chris:  I had forgotten there was an Asari in charge of Omega.   Now we have all this history with them.   Good, happy histories filled with  rounds from your gun.

CAS:  Ha.   I would rather have a pushy Asari running Omega than find out later she’s a member of my crew.

Chris:  Can you imagine if Aria T’Loak at the end was “Can I join your ship?”   Seriously, are we going to boycott Asari crew members?

CAS:  Shrug.   We have two mission objectives, the first is to find the doctor.  The second is to recruit Archangel, who turned out to be Garus.

“Hey Shepard, got a smoke?” Garus is so cool.

Chris:  I remembered Archangel was Garus from before, except before I didn’t care.   Now, I actually miss him.    I liked him in Mass Effect.  Now it’s like this whole mission was built around wishing we had Garrus on our team.

Ah, behind this door is a reload.

Commander Amanda Shepard:  Long open corridors and open spaces.  The same tactics we used on Noveria to charge that sniper’s nest.  It worked then and it worked now.  😦

Seriously, the Vanguard gets better.

Chris:  I remember when I played Mass Effect 2 (the first time), I remember thinking maybe Vanguard isn’t a good class.  I stuck with it and trust me, we’re going to have fun.  That said, i have been dumping our experience into the bonus trait for Paragon/Renegade points.   After watching you goad Saren into shooting himself in the first Mass Effect, I realized the most important attribute is the ability to control the direction of the cut scene.

Got renegade points for stabbing this guy in the back. How about points for all the people we killed in the face?

CAS:  I liked that I got Renegade points for peeking Garus’s gun and taking a head shot.    You know I feel good about the headshot mechanics.  Combine that with the fact that I’m not so  sure I like Jacob as my back up.   I’m starting to miss Ashley.

You and Garus are getting sentimental .

Chris:  Shut up.  I totally agree.   I remember hugging cover and Ashley just stepping out to take shots a baddies, drawing fire.   You were basically screaming at him the whole time.  “Jacob, over here you dumbass!”   Maybe now is the time to start commenting on the differences in combat between Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2

CAS:  I think I just picked the wrong class to accompany me.  Jacob lacked a ranged punch and I sorely needed it.

Chris:  Once we closed back together as a group and fought with Garus again, things started to improve.   One of the first major improvements was that I learned you have to press the “F” button to punch.      I’m 100 percent sure that before if we just closed range, we would start pistol whipping everything in range.   Now we actually have to punch.   This actually explains a great many things.

CAS:  I felt like a helpless child when trapped at close range without the ability to strike back.

Chris:  Ha.  Right, but once we figured it out….punching Krogan.

Blue blood.

CAS:  (Grinning) Mass Effect 2 is fun again.

Chris:  Haha.  Yes.  Vanguard is too ranged for my tastes,  I want to play Assault Dentist.   Seriously, when you started punching that Krogan over and over and over  I started laughing because now that we knew how to punch, I knew everyone was going to get the butt of the gun.  We were both going to totally misuse it.

CAS: Machine pistols are really fun too.   Their rate of fire at close range is great.   Once we figured those two things out, the hunt went better.

Chris:  Near the end of the mission, when Garus took scripted bullets, I actually felt myself cringe.

Hang in there buddy, chopper’s coming.


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