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Accident and Intention

July 10, 2012

Chris:  I don’t really like Omega anymore.    The first time I remember visiting it, it had all the allure  of the big city with wickedness for ambiance.    Now all I smell is the shit.

CAS:   We left Omega and immediately set about to prioritize planetary mining.

I came for the minerals but we stayed for the mission.

Chris:   Right.   Iridium Miner: the mini-game.     How cool is this?


CAS:  Not very but having the resources mean we have weapons upgrades earlier rather than later.

Chris:   I love the stern sonar man’s squint that crosses my face as I catch the first ghost of a mineral spike.    And then, completely by accident, we found this planet that apparent had some action on it.   Oh what the hell.

CAS:   I agree.   The casual attitude of “oh what’s that on the scanner, let’s land and kill everything that twitches,”  seemed beneath our normal protocols.

I really had no idea what we were doing there. But we won!

Chris:  I was in mineral mining mode, who would have guessed we might actually just stumbled into the mission.   A mission pretty much felt pointless.

CAS:  Except for this….

Dirty secrets inside.

Chris:  Ya, that was cool.   Cerberus is a dark church, I have no faith in them.    This was satisfying and I didn’t even realize this was a mission until at the end.    Mission wrap up?  huh.    All just by playing mini miner.

Check the window, its practically the same shot I took.

CAS:  Since we’re checking off inboxes, I decided it’s time to go back to the Citadel.

The Citadel’s beauty hides the danger. Nothing has changed.

Chris:  When we left the Citadel in Mass Effect, I was still riding a heady feeling that both everything was broken and it was  good.    As soon as those docking clamps began to descend upon the Normand 2, I felt a sick feeling.

CAS:  There’s no going home.    The Citadel is a beautiful place to live but it’s ruled by fools.

“Thank you for meeting with us, Shepard. You are a hero. Now please turn yourself in for summary execution.”

Chris:  Exactly.   When you started talking to Anderson and the Council, I kept thinking….”Are you guys seriously busting our balls?”    But seriously, how grown  up are you?    I didn’t once feel the gun hand rising.  You’re a peacemaker.

CAS:   Ha.    (Gets serious)   We’re all going to have to fight the Reapers, together.

Chris:   You softy.

Amanda Shepard’s big interview.  Activate 1/10 power Krogan Punch.  Message received.


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