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Sad Planet of Pretty Turtles

July 28, 2012

CAS:   You didn’t like the last mission.

Chris:  Purgatory Jack?

CAS: (Nods)

Chris:  I think before I was really excited to get to play with the Jack doll.   Now, with you riding shotgun, all I can think is.  “Oh that poor girl.”   Maybe its because I’m an old man.   Maybe it’s because I’m looking at these sentient races and thinking aren’t we all children of the same God?   It’s a metaphor.   We’re still gonna shoot sprites.

CAS:   Our mission was called Recruit the Krogan.

Chris:  A title designed to mislead you into thinking you’re going to pick up Wrex.   I knew better and so did you.

My favorite part of Space Marine was the Architecture. Mass Effect 2 also has some pretty moments of scale.

CAS:  The Korlus is an unremarkable scrap world.   It felt like a warzone from the first steps on deck.  That is… until we found puppies!

I’m Pro-Krogan and Proud!

Chris:  The question, “What to do with the Krogan race?” is at the center of my moral turmoil.    It’s such an acute dilemma that it broke my gaming experience the first time.

I will adopt you, Pretty Turtle

CAS:  And now?

Chris:  I’ve considered the argument since my first encounter.  I’ve considered it every time we’ve encountered the Krogan.    Everytime I  think of Wrex.

CAS:  Wrex was there with me against Sovereign at the end.

Chris:  Wrex and Tail.   There is a strange nostalgia about that already.   I know we would have taken this guy on-board.   I just like the honesty of the interactions we get from the Krogan.    Mostly it’s “I’ll kill you human.”  But it’s honest.


CAS:   I think the reason I didn’t shoot her was pure shock value.    That and I’m trying to be a good person.

What is our policy on Asari scientists who contribute to genocide?

Chris:  I liked how Jack was all, “That’ll come back and bite you in the ass.”   You know what is weird, right before this mission I was lamenting our choice to kill that Asari who had been working with the Thorians.    I kept wondering if that was the right choice then we run back into this Rana Thanopolis.   What is that?  Greek for death city?   In fact, the more I think about it, the more I’m really concerned we didn’t put a bullet in her head.   She was polite.   That’s the problem, she keeps apologizing for the civilization ending contributions she keeps making, but she doesn’t point a gun at us so….?

CAS:  I think my perspective on the Krogan has changed.    I’m not sure I regard her work in the same way.

Chris:  All I’m saying is, her name has to be symbolic and Jack is probably right.   By the way, when did this become the super feminist league?


I wasn’t impressed with Jack. Until she shockwaved all those guys. Go Jack.

CAS:  The tragedy of Krogan reproduction is both a solution to a problem and a curse unto a sentient race.   When the Blue Sun’s gang leader turned on the poison gas, we had to act quickly.

I don’t know the best answer.

Warlord Okeer asks us to save his baby from his boss.

“I’m a very weak boss”

We tried to take her down as quickly as possible…alas.

Chris:   We we got back to the lab and Okeer was already dead.

Super Krogan

CAS:   But at least we get our own turtle.

I watched the looping message from Okeer probably ten time before I turned it off. His last words and works in my care.

Chris:  On Purgatory, I just felt the pettiness of man (and Turians).    On Korlus, I felt sadness and loss.   Okeer gave his life because he hoped his work would make his people better.   Who wouldn’t want healing for their people?   I’m moved by the Krogan race’s suffering.


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