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Unboxing Jack

July 28, 2012

Chris:  As previously established, this is my second time playing Mass Effect 2.   I can’t believe how different the experience is at this point.   I remember the first time I went to find Jack.   From TV commercials and inevitable jetsam collisions that comes from browsing the internet, I knew that Jack was the uber-bitch.    The girl you don’t bring home to momma.   So, just from that, I was a little excited.    She seemed, at least superficially, one of the more interesting crew members you got to pick up.

Drop my gun?  Drop you!

CAS:  Purgatory is a slave ship.   Handing over the guns was never going to happen.  I’m actually surprised a little that I still get asked.


Chris:   Right, by this asshole expects us to give up the guns?    After the warden makes it clear that his intention is to capture us, I’m sort of pissed off.   I like Garus…and I even liked Saren for all that it got all of us, but this guy just sucks.

CAS: Am I supposed to look like Jack?

Chris:   You know, I thought about that and I think I was influenced.   That said, I am a fan of the Norrin Radd look.     Your both survivors.   I  think the big difference is the road taken.    You joined the military and saved the galaxy.   Jack got tattoos and put on ice.

Studio apartments of the future.

CAS:  Nothing like getting to watch guards mercilessly to get me convinced to go guns hot.

So you like beatings? Good.

Chris:  The twist in the story lacks the emotional punch it did the first time, yet in other ways I’m more angry.   Does this guy know you killed Sovereign?   Does he not know?

You’re no Saren.

CAS:   On our way out, when Jack wanted the goods on Cerberus.   That actually got Jack on my good side.

Its like looking in a mirror.





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